About Patrick Bird – Personal Effectiveness and Communications Excellence Coach

An ex Financial Director, Patrick spent over 25 years working within multi-national organisations at Board level. That time provided him with a rich basis of understanding across a wide array of industries.

Patrick’s significant experience enables him to provide your organisation with effective and lasting solutions, not least helping people to change their behaviours. Through his coaching and workshops, you will begin to recognise the choices you forego by not changing, and you will start to see what kind of a leader you can be.

Patrick is also a professional actor. His oratory and acting skills are put to perfect use when he is engaged as a professional speaker and Master of Ceremonies. Patrick brings those essential skills to his coaching sessions and workshops, sharing them with you to help you communicate far more effectively and create a lasting impact on your listeners.

Many businesses reach a stage where things become stagnated, with growth and productivity suffering. Whatever the reasons – whether internal politics, outdated process methods, or people struggling with not understanding what they should be doing – personal effectiveness and good communications are key. That’s where Patrick helps – he unlocks your potential.

Learn and lead

Expanding your circle of influence

The primary message of Patrick’s workshops and coaching is that, ultimately, you will find yourself within a growing circle of influence. Put simply, this means that as you change and progress, communicating more effectively, your ‘circle of influence’ will expand as more people – employees, stakeholders and the board – learn to trust and believe in you.

Patrick’s extensive experience and qualifications include:

  • Positions – Finance Director and Project Director
  • Coaching – MAC Member of Association for Coaching
  • Certified in DISC and Social Styles
  • Trainer and Facilitator in Behavioural Skills Development
  • Professional Speaker
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Professional Actor, helping him deliver coaching in a practical and engaging way


You can call me on +44 7836 201428

Achieve Communication Excellence

01235 534094  *  07836 201428  *  pb@patrickbird.uk

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