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Communication Excellence Skills to engage and influence people

Is your goal to become a successful leader in your industry sector? If so, engaging and influencing people are essential attributes on the pathway to achieving that success. To do that effectively, you need excellent communication skills.

Utilising all the skills and tools at your disposal, as outlined in the Technical Skills vs Communication Skills information, will help. This workshop helps you delve within yourself to find, harness and develop those skills.

The power of persuasion isn’t an inherent skill in everyone. Some people are naturals, but most of us have to learn it alongside effective influencing. When you do that successfully and your objectives are achieved, it not only feels very empowering but also benefits your organisation.

In our workshops, you get to learn the different approaches to use, as well as the different character types you need to influence. Recognising yourself in this scenario is equally important. You will also learn to adapt your presentations to how you think your audience will engage, helping them to accept the message you’re imparting. Naturally, you want to do this in a way that benefits both parties, so an empathetic approach may be necessary.

The Communication Excellence Skills workshop includes:

  • Learning about influencing styles and types
  • How to work out which type you are, and recognising others
  • Practicing the different styles, including which styles work best on others
  • Feedback – essential to know how you’re progressing and where to make changes
  • Further practicing until you feel confident about putting the theory into practice


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Achieve Communication Excellence

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