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Effective Business Communication – Situational Coaching around Difficult Conversations

The most efficient way to learn how to put your communication skills into practice is to do just that – practice! This workshop provides an opportunity to refresh and renew your communications skills – such as questioning, listening, being congruent and watching your body language – whilst practicing them, too.

Situational Coaching allows you to imbed those communication skills until they become natural.

Perhaps you need to work out what to say during an upcoming meeting, or have recently experienced a difficult conversation and want to work out how it could have gone better. Situational Coaching is the ideal place to do that. Whilst practicing that conversation, we will take breaks to discuss how it felt for you, and how it may feel for the other person. Then we can see where certain words and phrases may need to be changed for better impact and improved business relationships. In other words, we’ll explore the theory and then put it into practice, bringing theory to life.

The more you practice, the more natural it becomes. The switch between practicing and coaching helps to provide clarity, insight and understanding, offering immediate feedback in a safe, mutually respectful environment.

The Effective Business Communication Role Play workshop includes:

  • How to actively listen to ensure you get the key issues
  • How to ask questions in an incisive or sequential way to encourage the best responses
  • Rehearsing different techniques to perfect your skills


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