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Leadership and Management

Personal Effectiveness is a combination of many skills, attitudes and behaviours. When these are combined with technical knowledge, such as operational finance or change management, they create a leader who can communicate a memorable message with stakeholders at all levels.

  • What impact do you make on others?
  • What memorable messages do you leave people with?

Our Leadership Management workshops help you to distinguish what hat you’re wearing at a certain time – leader or manager. They are both, of course, intertwined yet separate. That intuitive understanding of what you need to be doing and how you need to do it – managing or leading – may need enhancing. That, in turn, helps your teams gain clarity, knowledge and understanding.

The Leadership and Management workshop includes:

  • What processes are effective, including how people feel on being ‘instructed’ and how to improve on those
  • Looking at the strategies in place, the roles involved, and communication styles
  • Determining the management bit (the ‘what’) from the leadership bit (the ‘how’)
  • Motivating your teams effectively to get tasks done

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