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Operational Finance

Finance is the language of business, so it’s essential to impart that knowledge and information to all concerned. That includes helping other departments – non-finance people – to see how their work and business decisions impact the finances of the organisation as a whole.

Often, people in production, marketing, R&D or HR, don’t recognise that Finance is part of their duties, too. When asked about Finance, they usually point straight to the Accounts or Finance departments. But this lack of appreciation of how most decisions they make involves a cost that impacts the whole organisation can be both detrimental to the company and career limiting for the individual.

Why career limiting? Because unless you can explain, clearly and coherently, what you are doing, why, how, and the costs involved and how they affect existing budgets and future forecasts to your managers and directors – your circle of influence – your career could get stunted. This is an important reason to develop your communication skills. When you communicate more effectively, your circle of influence will expand as more people learn to trust and believe in you, enabling your career to progress further.

It is crucial that everyone in business understands the effects that their operational decisions have on Finance. That’s why we created this workshop specifically for non-financial managers – to help you appreciate the world of Finance, to help your organisation continue to succeed with fewer challenging internal situations, and to help career progression within your ever-widening circle of influence.

The Operational Finance workshop includes:

  • What are the key Financial statements?
    • Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
  • Financial processes
    • Plan
    • Budget
    • Forecast
    • Period End and Actuals
    • Variance Analysis
  • Governance and Regulation
    • Accounting Standards
    • True and Fair Position
    • Audit
    • Companies Act
    • Recognising Risk
  • Financial Policies
    • New customer onboarding/credit limits/terms
    • Supplier onboarding
    • Expense policy
    • Delegated Levels of Authority

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