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Telling the Story Behind Finance

As a Financial Director or CFO, no doubt you are constantly dealing with data, from audits to month end, budgets to P&L, as well as the overall financial strategy of the organisation. Sometimes it can be hard to pull yourself out of the data and into the ‘real world’, where people don’t always understand figures or finances.

When you need to clearly communicate all this information to the Board and department heads within your organisation – or people outside of it, such as banks and the trade or stock markets – it’s time to adjust the way you speak. Talking just about the figures, providing spreadsheets and graphs, may well see people glazing over or struggling to keep up.

Don’t lock yourself into the technical data. Instead, tell the story about the bigger picture. Provide a clear view of the situation – any issues and how they can be resolved. Patrick’s finance and training background allows him to help you and your teams effectively communicate the story behind the figures.

The Telling the Story Behind Finance workshop includes:

  • Using Personal Effectiveness skills for your Executive Summary

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